[ARB] Ro'Tal a posted Mar 26, 15

Warriors of the Empire,

Imperial command have reported that there was a breach of security at the penal colony at Rura Penthe. Using dishonorable tactics, and in an atrocious affront to the honor of us all, a former Romulan Imperial officer by the name of Asuka t'Sel ir-Chal has escaped confinement. 

This coward and her cohorts shamefully murdered two warriors during their escape and intellegence sources are now advising that one of the penal facilities shuttles is missing. 

Image of the missing Imperial shuttle

Current whereabouts of the female saboteur are unknown at present, but she is suspected of having ties to the escaped Empress Sela. All warriors of the Empire are ordered to keep a vigilant watch for either the missing shuttle or any Romulan females matching the file images of her. 

File image of escaped Romulan

If located, you are authorised to use all necessary force to recapture her, and if she resists, lethal force is authorised. 

Chancellor J'mpok
On behalf of Emperor Kahless