[ARB] bobsled624 a posted May 8, 15

Major General Ro'Tal on an open channel

Warriors of the Empire!

The day is upon us! The honorless to'Ba that are the Iconians have attacked the homeworld and launched an all out assault! This is not the first time that one of these miserable qu'Vuch have set foot on the sacred ground of the Homeworld. But mark my words, it will be the last!

Brothers and Sisters of the Empire! Friends in the Federation! Reputable fighters of the Republic! Join with me and mass with the Klingon Defence Forces to drive back the threat from the soil of Qo'nos! The Klingon people will not stand to have the enemy so blithely invade our home, wreak havoc on our streets, or harm our families!

For the glory of you, your house but most of all....

For the Empire!

Do your duty! Enlist in the KDF today!